Thai Massage sessions are profound experiences of well being. Each massage is tailored to your needs. You will receive the massage on a comfortable mat on the floor. Please wear clothing in which you can be easily stretched - i.e. yoga clothes, sweats, etc. No oils are used in Thai massage. In Thailand, Thai massages are often more than two hours. This is because traditionally the body is massaged from five different positions - supine, side-lying, prone, inverted, and seated. In each position, acupressure and stretching are done. In Suparom Thai Massage Saloon, deeply relaxing, fully satisfying Thai massage in one or 1 1/2 hour sessions. Thai Massage rates:

Tradition Thai Massage

1 Hour: 120 PLN
1.5 Hour: 150 PLN

Thai Massage with oil

1 Hour: 180 PLN
1.5 Hour: 220 PLN

Thai Massage with Hot Oil

1 Hour: 220 PLN
1.5 Hour: 250 PLN

Foot Massage

1 Hour: 100 PLN

Specific Spot Massage

0.5 Hour:   80 PLN

Thai Spa

2.5 Hour: 320 PLN
(Thai Scrub 45 min, Milk Bath or Sauna, Oil massage 1 Hour)

Thai Scrub

45 mins: 100 PLN

Sauna Dry 0r Steam

30 mins: 50 PLN

Special Thai Massage for Kids

30 mins: 50 PLN
1 Hour: 80 PLN

Hand Spa

Feet Spa


Package 1: Traditional Thai Massage

5 Massages + 1 Free massage 1.5 hour: 600 PLN

Package 2: Thai Oil Massage

5 Massages + 1 Free massage 1.5 hour: 1000 PLN

Package 3: Thai Hot Oil Massage

5 Massages + 1 Free massage 1.5 hour: 1200 PLN

Package 4: Thai Spa

5 Spa + 1 Free Spa 2.5 hour: 1600 PLN

Massage at home and in the office

The price: the cost of a massage according to the price list + 100 PLN

Our masseuses will get to your home or your company's office and perform the chosen treatment.